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Re: ACK! Deleted 80gb of music! A few recovery questions....

Thanks everyone!

I'm not looking to replace anything right now. I have plenty other stuff to archive before I do something stupid again! Plus I don't know exactly what it was although at least it was organized enough to know it was from "F-JohnL". So when I get back into it I'll just fill up in that area. I appreciate the offers of help though. You guys are the best!

I really just need to figure out the best way to go about recovering. I guess the cheapest is to do it on the PC since I think I can get freeware to do it on that as long as it works okay using MacDrive to read the drive.

My scan of 6 hours came up with over 90gb of files, but they are generically named and none are listed as flac or shn. I think it's calling them mp3s but I can't be sure since I don't see the file names. I'll try it with freeware on my PC tomorrow and see what happens.

If anyone has done this before and can give me some pointers it'd be a great help.
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