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ACK! Deleted 80gb of music! A few recovery questions....

Damn. Just damn. Oh well, I can replace them eventually even if I can't recover them.

Mac OS X 10.3.9
files were on an external Mac OS Extended formatted drive
I'm scanning now to see what files Boomerang Data Recovery finds

Do flac files have the file name in the header?
Do shn files have the file name in the header?
- the forums for that software say that if the file doesn't have the name in the header then all the recovered files will have generic names, not the original names. This basically does me no good as it would take too long to go through and figure out which file is which, doncha think?

If I mount this drive on my PC can I still recover the files? It doesn't matter where they were trashed right, since they're on the drive itself, right? I have MacDrive on my PC so I can read the drive over there. It seems there are free programs for the PC whereas I would have to spend $100-200 for one on the Mac.

Would the file name thing still apply? It sounded like it was an OS X thing, and so I was hoping that would mean that the names would actually be intact on the drive, just that OS X wouldn't read them properly on the recovery, but that could be incorrect.

Can anyone recommend a free utility to undelete files?

If I can't get them back, it's fine. I haven't been dealing with music for a long time so they've been sitting there using up drive space for a couple years. I don't even know what it all was so how am I gonna miss it that much? I'm bummed that there was a bunch on John Lennon on there though... oh well.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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