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Torrent creates different every time ???

I've tried to upload a torrent to this site, ( after uploading a few succesfully ) and after creating the torrent it only uploaded 99.96%
I thought I might have left a folder open when creating the torrent, but I knew I hadn't because I did this once before on another site, and once you've done this you don't do it again. You make sure you don't even look in it before creating a torrent.
I created another torrent as a fix and was sure it would load 100% but again 99.96%. The original torrent had a problem in dvd 1 Vob 1, the fix had an error in dvd 2 vob 2, I even tried again and made another torrent, again 99.96% error in dvd 1 vob 2.
Any ideas what could be wrong ???
I created the checksums yesterday with traders little helper and they came up no errors.

Cheers Lobby
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