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Re: Seeding Vinyls

Originally Posted by popskull
Regarding any surface noise on the LP..........I noticed a HUGE reduction of pop/clicks when I went from a technics 1200 to a Rega Planar 2 a few years ago.

Back in the 70's we were advised to get the bets Cartridge we could afford, then nail it to any old japanese turntable........when in reality, it was the other way around.
... and when you move up from the Rega 2 to the 3, or to something even better, you get the same improvement over again....

Everything about the turntable affects the sound; the bearing for the platter, the metal used for the platter, the accuracy with which the platter is made. How round should it be? If it's perfectly circular to a tolerance of + or - 0.5mm, is that close enough? Or would + or - 5 microns be better? If it's more accurate, does it sound better?

You've got to start at the source; but the question is; should the source that you start with be the cartridge and stylus that sit on the record, or the platter that the record rotates on?

Regards, Graham
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