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Need various audio, torrent, burning tools for Mac

So I got a Mac a little while ago and have had trouble finding audio programs for torrents and all of that. I tried searching here on TTD but didn't find anything.

I have Toast for burning and that seems to work well.

Toast can burn FLAC files but not SHN. Is there a program for converting SHN to WAV. What about APE to WAV?

Also, is there a program like Trader's Little Helper for Mac?

Also, I would really like a program like EAC that will do exact audio copies. I've had trouble finding that, even through Google, and I hoped that someone here knew.

I don't do any audio editing or anything like that so I don't need Audition etc.

Basically, for Mac users, what's in your arsenal of audio and torrent-related programs?

Also, I'd prefer free programs thanks
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