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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

Originally Posted by PencilGeek
That's exactly how I do it, and have always done it. But outside of cutting/pasting your regions to individual (new) files, how are you breaking down the songs into individual files? I prefer working with flat files, not individual files consisting of a single song. But I wouldn't mind breaking it up into individual songs from the regions if there were a convenient and relatively painless way to do it.

what did you use at that audio engineering school you went to?

I'm going to add two cents - cause this thread is killing me.
Everyone is dancing around the question you asked - as to not 'hurt your feelings' - whatever. Id rather give you an honest and direct response.

1. You're using the wrong program to work with audio, attempting to create DVD-A, etc.. IMO.
2. Should any forum change their seeding policy because you're having issues.... um, no.

You are not the first to create a DVD-A or work with higher bitrate files.
You are the first to believe a new seeding policy is needed to deal with these files.

Pencilgeek, why do you believe a new policy is needed ?

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