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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

You're kidding me, right? Lots of folks seed 24 bit FLACs. It's the trading standard at etree, dime, TTD, elsewhere. I didn't attack you personally or anything, it's just a discussion. Yes DVD-V can handle uncompressed 16/48, 24/48, or 24/96, and that's it, no other uncompressed resolutions. The only lossless compression (smaller sizes, so faster to download and upload) for the DVD format costs 3 grand for the license, but FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is free. I shouldn't have brought up the DSD vs. PCM thing, that is a different subject. Sorry if I gave you a bad first impression of what The Traders' Den is like.

Stick around, once you get the hang of preparing a fileset and seeding it, it is a breeze.

I'm not a mod, I have no final say about whether they will allow a DVD-A .iso
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