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Originally Posted by GRC
..and there's a school of thought that even old, well-used vinyl still knocks CD into a cocked hat.

we put them on my Linn Sondek and did an A/B comparison against the CDs, and .... no competition; the vinyl knocked the CD sideways. The vinyl filled the room, the CD just slunk around in the vicinity of the speakers, and was like a pale shadow of what it should have been.

Regards, Graham
Absolutely! With vinyl it feels like the music is a living, breathing organism, present with you in the room. CDs seem artificial in comparison. Even if the CDs and vinyl were made at the same time, from the master, the vinyl would knock it sideways I reckon.

Thought about all that hammering of the master tape...what if companies cut the records for the first pressing with the master tape, then for proceeding pressings, they used one of those first pressed LPs, but played back on a laser turntable. It will never wear out this way, but just needs meticulous cleaning.
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