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Re: couldnt listen - unable to forward port via UPnP

Originally Posted by summertimepaul many thanx....i owes u a beer
nice - we speak the same language then.

it seems like a lot at first - its not.

1. get the port # from Bit tornado (might be 6881) - write it down.
2. get your IP Address from your computer
If you are on a windows system:
start>run>(type) cmd (hit enter) - this gets you a DOS Prompt
Type: ipconfig /all (hit enter) - lots of junk shows on the screen
Look for the line that says: ipaddress - write the number down.

3.Find your British Telecom router by model number at
follow directions to enter the bit tornado PORT and your computers IP Address.

I will collect on that beer so thanks in advance.
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