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Re: please help me U2Lynne

I did have a rootkit. I was in the middle of contacting Charlie Miller about sharing some of the higher quality GD here, when my connection went out again, this time apparently for good (at upload speeds anyway). I may get an affirmative from him, but it would be pointless to upload at 575 bytes per second. Not to mention, I only wanted to share a few of the very best of those shows, and all my other efforts to contact people are dead in the water.

I also have several hundred gigs of level 10 ogg (the only thing you lose is silence -- not like MP3), but that is, I am sure, not worth mentioning. I mean, it isn't lossless, from a semantic perspective.

There is some sort of satellite uplink permissions issue here at my end. I think I can trick it, because I did this morning, but in the middle of an upload... not so much.

I certainly feel stupid,
or at least look it.
If I have to move again to get a landline I will.
Does this sound as tedious as I feel it is?
Thank you again,
I appreciate TTD.
"Such a perfect day. You made me forget myself. You made me think I was someone else, someone good."
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