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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

It's cool, you didn't come off too harsh to me. I hope this doesn't sound so harsh though: if you are taping and trading as an amateur, the music doesn't "deserve to be free", it is free. Unless it is sold, then they are sold bootlegs. There is really no way to guarantee that they are not tampered with, but there are rules about seeding unnecessary or bad remasters. I believe the mods have strict rules on this and only allow somone to remaster if they are good and have much experience. I don't think anyone would try to remaster a digital audience recording though. The worst they would do is convert to mp3 for their own personal use, and mp3s can't be seeded here. With FLAC there is just so much more that can be done with them much more easily, and someday there may be disc players that support data FLAC discs. I don't know if any iPod type players support 24/96, but maybe someday. Those 160 gig iPods could fit lots of 24/96 audio. Some of Denon's new receivers support FLAC. If someone only had a 40 kb/s upload connection, they might rather download and upload 2.6 gigs of a FLAC seed than 4.3 gigs of a DVD-Video or DVD-Audio. It's cool though, an authored audio only 24/96 DVD-V is a great thing. Saves people from buying a $40 program, and authoring time.

With shntool (free: ) you can join the .wav files into one big one without otherwise altering them, and with CD Wave (free: ) you can split them on sector boundaries without otherwise altering them. I don't know the prog DVD-Architect, someone else will have to help out with that.

Thanks for taping and trading, people here will love your seeds!

Also, and I don't want to start a war , what is your opinion of the Korg MR-1000 5.6 MHz 1-bit recorder vs. something like a Sound Devices 722 or 744 that records natively at 24/96 or 24/192? I have only heard 2.82 MHz SACDs, don't think I've ever heard 5.6 ones. I thought commercial 24/96 DVD-As had the edge, by far. I know there is controversy about which format sounds better. I read something about Sony using "wide DSD" @ 8 bit/high sample rate for recording and transfers because they realize the limitations of 1 bit recordings. I have read that the bit depth is much more significant than the sample rate once you get to about 60kHz or 90kHz; that more people can detect a difference in bit depth than sample rate once you reach about 60 or 90. Personally, I'd like to see companies release 64bit/96kHz AD converters, or 64/192 soon. This is a good read:
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