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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

Originally Posted by Tubular
Just to revise my comments, the only reason to seed a DVD-Audio .iso IMO is for lossless surround sound (uncompressed or w/MLP), or for an MLP encoded seed. MLP lossless compression costs about $3000 though: There may be cheaper programs with MLP, but I'm not sure.
So I'm playing with DVD-Architect v4.5 right now (just released about 1.5 weeks ago). I do see the LPCM option for DVD-V files. Now that I think about it, that option was there all along and now I remember why I didn't use it. At first, I was going to extract a 3.1 or 2.1 version of the show, and LPCM must be stereo -- so I moved over the DVD-Audio instead. But my experiments with 3.1 and 2.1 didn't pan out -- as the result didn't sound better than the original, but instead sounded worse. So I authored in stereo anyways -- which once again allows me to use LPCM for DVD-V.

Now I'm running into a different problem. DVD-Architect seems to project the resulting file at 8.5GB even though the sources are barely over 4.0GB. I know it's thinking I have a video source attached as well (which I don't). So if I can figure out a way to mute the video (or remove the video channel), then I think we'd be golden and get the project size down to 4.5 GB.

Now, regarding FLAC conversion and downloading some other tool to author to DVD-V (Audio). (I apologize in advance if this sounds a little harsh.) I'm not some type of idealists who's releasing my shows because "the music deserves to be free" (I'm a staunch capitalist at heart). I just happen to have been taping since I was 14 years old, and had professional recording gear since I was 18 years old and developed what I consider a very nice and rare collection spanning 30 years -- a collection that very few people know about (consisting mostly of jazz). I don't mind making my shows available to others, but it's going to be on my terms, not somebody else's terms. I essentially make the shows available in a format that I can use at home, and if others can benefit, then they'll get it for free. I also want to ensure the shows I release are in the best possible format, and least likely to be tampered with.

There's no convenient way that I can extract 20+ individual songs out of the original 96/24 WAV files (actually the un-down-sampled originals are even higher than 192/24). Likewise, I have absolutely no interest in getting yet another piece of software just so I can make a plurality of people happy.

Sorry for having to say it like that...but I want to make sure that everybody understands that, as the original taper, I'm doing others the favor by releasing my shows, and it's not incumbent on me to try to please everybody.

With that said as harsh as it even sounds to myself, I think you'd also find me one of the easiest going people you'd ever meet, and willing to give you anything out of my collection you want...without any need to reciprocate.
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