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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

I agree the better approach is to seed 24 bit FLAC files. Not everyone has a DVD player capable of playing back DVD Audio (I do, but most people don't) but do play back 24 bit audio from their PCs. By distributing 24 bit FLACs people can either play them from their PC (if that's their choice) or author to DVD Audio discs using DiscWelder, DVD-Architect, or other paid programs or by downloading DVD Audiofile (for Windows systems) or the DVD Audio freeware tools available on Sourceforge (which I have used on Linux very successfully). Both DVD Audiofile and the DVD Audio freeware tools can create ISO images directly from FLAC files, you don't even have to convert first.

This results in audio files that are verifiable (via the FLAC fingerprints) and that can be played back in the most logical manner for the person downloading them (from their PC or by authoring a disc). Using DiscWelder or the DVD Audio tools is pretty straightforward - you don't get fancy menus (depending on your version of DiscWelder, at least) but you get a disc with distinct tracks, no gaps and excellent sound.
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