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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
I did find it unfortunate that the show didn't seem to burn properly. Did anyone on the torrent manage to get it to burn properly? This was the first DVD-A that was seeded as an AUDIO_TS folder - I think the others were VIDEO_TS folders
It's my impression...and it's only an impression...that audio files burned as VIDIO_TS are essentially movies without a motion picture, and that the authoring software compresses the audio into AC3, Dolby Digital, or something like that.

I have DVD-Architect, and that's about as high-end consumer software as you can get for burning DVDs. When you use DVD-Architect for creating such a project, it doesn't give you a choice: you must compress the audio into the VIDIO_TS folders. I'll look into this again...but that's the whole reason I bought another $600 software package (WaveLab) -- just so it wouldn't compress my audio.

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