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Re: Seeding Vinyls

Originally Posted by GOGOOGO
Thank you Five, the answer was right to the point, nothing to say more,
just to mention that the analog equipment is Thorens TD160 MkII belt driven turntable with Ortofon pick up and a JVC A-X2 amp, both abt 30 yrs old but still in good shape (as me). I could post a list of items and check the interest. Which forum (here or elsewhere) should I post in?
you could try to ISO forums and searching sites like this to see if shows from the dates you're interested in researching have been shared around.

Best is if you can find a site associated with the specific bands in question such as or or (etc etc) and email the 'contact us' link. ppl who run sites like those are the most helpful with this kind of stuff!
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