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Re: Seeding Vinyls

almost... don't use the headphone out, use the line out (rca jacks) on the back of your amplifier, then connect that to your soundcard line in, not the mic in for better results. And of course a nice amp (Harmon-Kardon or something, best you can afford & use the 'phono' inputs) and computer soundcard always helps (such as M-Audio Audiophile 2496 for about $120). Since you're talking about Ortofon you've probably got a pretty decent turntable.

A lot of stuff has come out in better quality than the old vinyl bootlegs, some has not. Check around with hardcore collectors of the associated bands, see if you can get them to send you a track from the best circulating source via rapidshare or similar. When you tell them you have a potential upgrade in the works they are likely to help you out in exchange for a copy.
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