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Seeding Vinyls

Consider me as a newbee and dont feel offended by my questions (I did not go trough all archives, might have been discussed for more than one time already):
What about converting vinyls - you know, the big black ones- to flac and seeding them (your faces are showing an expression of sheer horror, right?), taboo or desired?
I mean, aren't there several Silvers circulating with only vinyls and not master tapes as sources?

However, could any kind angel help me with the technique to get the stuff on harddrive, at least for my privat amuse? I know that there are conversion boxes existing to get the signal right from turntable to PC but I also had the consideration to use the Thorens with Ortofon pick up, go throug amp, leave amp via headphone plug, enter into PC via mic plug and record the analog signal using GoldWave. How to fight the crackling noise then? How clean can the result become?
Any comment and suggestion highly appreciated, especially the inexpensive ones.
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