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Re: A question about speed correction of lossless files

Originally Posted by uhclem
In foobar2000 you can adjust the pitch and speed of a track in real time as you listen to it. I have used this feature for listening purposes. I would assume that you have to adjust both speed AND pitch if your source was on analog tape.
ok , so i used sound touch in foobar and got it where i want it , but when i save it as a playlist , it doesn't save the sound touch effect unless i leave it on in the dsp manager in a way that would effect anything i play unless i manually disable sound touch...i'm not sure how this will or will not transfer into an audio cdr burn. some players you can save a cue sheet that will leave an effect in for that setlist exclusively, i don't know how to do that in foobar , any tips ?
p.s. sound touch is awsome , I had Michael Hedges sounding EXACTLY like Richard Thompson as far as the voice went in Hedges cover of Shell Shock Venus , he's even singing with a U.K./Scottish accent to it ! I almost thought the show was a fake until i pitch corrected again and MH starts talking about his home in Oklahoma...! and of course the differences in gtr. playing. Here's what it looks like for anybody who doesn't know this feature in foobar2000...


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