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Re: new, have a few questions

Originally Posted by hcfkavh
I'm pretty new to this torrent thing, I wanted to get some audio only. After I download the torrent, how do I seed? Is there anything else I need to do after I finish downloading? Thanks
If you want to seed immediately after completing the download, just leave your client (Azureus? uTorrent?) running, and it should automatically take care of moving you from being a leecher to a seeder.

If you shut down, and want to seed later, just use the 'open torrent' dialogue in your client to open up the torrent file that you saved to start the download process; again, your client will take care of things for you; open the torrent file, it should check all the data files are in place, and, if there are any leechers connected, will send / seed the data to them.

Which client are you using, anyways?

Regards, Graham
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