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Old 2005-02-09, 05:45 AM
Any Linux Users Here?

well, i'm up getting my computer ready for the work ahead and lo and behold, i have to download a bunch of new Micro$oft security patches to patch their buggy software.

and as i suspected, much of the patches are to correct potential buffer overflow problems. (if they spent the time to review their code they wouldn't have this problem!)

are there any linux users here? i've read that many linux distributions come with everything you need to get your computer instantly up and running including drivers for most major sound cards, video cards, and other hardware.

plus, the free price is attractive.

so, if anyone here has any experience with linux and wishes to discuss it, please feel free.

i'm certain that there will be other readers here who will be interested in this.

thank you.

(i didn't post this in the technobabble forum because hardly no one goes there.)
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