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Re: Is there an alternative to playable data DVDs?

Originally Posted by roblov
@AAR.oner: Up to now, i've always burned a video DVD of a given show with the purpose of watching it and a data DVD of the same show with the purpose of archiving (that's exactly what you do.) But, when i learned the possibility of making playable data DVDs i thought it was a nice solution to this "duplication problem" i had to go through every time i wanted to put a DVD torrent to disk. It seems i won't be able to make them play on my DVD player. Bad luck. Your advice about archiving is good and well, i'll have to stick to it by force anyway.

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another option is to get a different DVD player...i don't know if you are in the States or not, but any of the off-brand cheap players at Wal or K Mart will play just about any type of disc...considering it'll only set ya back $20 or so, its worth it imo
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