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Re: NAT Problem Seeding - Comcast/Linksys

Paul, part of your problem is that you are showing up as leechers on the shows and not as a seeder. You need to stop the torrent, remove it, make sure your options in Azureus is set to ask you where to save the files, then start the torrent file again and when it asks where to save the file, point it to the same folder you pointed to when you made the torrent. You need to fix that issue first before worrying about the firewall issue. Since you are listed as a leecher, that is why you are getting that connection limit error when you try to download a couple of shows and also seed your shows.

Once you show up as a seeder in the list, then make sure you have the same port listed in Azureus as you do in the router (59999). Then you need to pick your static local IP - and make sure that is the one you have listed on your computer and in your router.

Also, depending on what your connection is like, it is usually best to only seed one or two shows at a time and to try to put off downloading a show until after you have a couple of completes on the show you are seeding.
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