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NAT Problem Seeding - Comcast/Linksys

I'm trying very hard to seed my four torrents. I started seeding yesterday and things were moving along fine, although Azureus lights were mostly in the yellow and red. I seem to now have a NAT problem.

I have gone through the setup again, FAQ and Port Forward with some errors. I'm using a Linksys WRT54G router, Comcast as the ISP.

I updated my Network Connection to static ip I updated the router with Azur1 Port Forward 6881 to 6881 and Azur2 Port Forward 59999 to 59999, and changed the port in Azureus to 59999. My external ip with Comcast is a different ip address. When I run a test within Azureus or with CanUSeeMe it's only finding the (external Comcast ip):59999 The system works in the Yellow at ip but is red and having timeouts when the ip is set at as suggested in Port Forwarding.

I have several peers at 99.7% on a torrent and can't seem to get it to finish.

Thank you in advance for any help in this matter. I think your community is great by the way.

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