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Foobar and iTunes

Hey all,
I have a question about using Foobar2000 to play the few songs that I have downloaded through the iTunes service. They are protected .m4p files (MPEG-4), but I have also used the hymn program to remove the protection and now have .m4a files. Is there some way to play these on Foobar2000? I have the special install, and I get the error message that says this:

INFO (CORE) : startup time: 282 ms
INFO (CORE) : opening file for playback :
INFO (CORE) : location: "file://C:\Documents and Settings\pnagel\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Andy Griggs - She Thinks She Needs Me.m4a" (0)
ERROR (foo_input_std) : Scalefactor out of range
ERROR (foo_input_std) : MP4: decode error.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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