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Help! - Just uploaded a new torrent, but can't seem to share it....

.... OK, I've just uploaded my first torrent here:

However I can't figure out how to actually share the data! - I'm using Azureus

Do I download my own toerrent file and open it in Azureus? - If I do that it appears in the top pane like any other torrent, or do I select 'file' / 'share' / 'file..' and open it so that it appears in the bottom pane - I've done both, but no data is uploading despite people trying to grab it. It also won't move off 'queued' and there seems to be no option to 'force start' in this version of Azureus.

Can someone help - I feel a bit stupid having uploaded the torrent file and now I can't let anyone grab it.

My NAT is all green by the way, so people should be able to connect.

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