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Re: downloading/uploading problem

If you don't use just one port for torrenting, but instead a series of ports, and if you have not port forwarded (un-firewalled) all those ports, then some of the ports may remain firewalled. So, you may be firewalled on some torrents, but not on others. That isn't the case with you, I just checked. However, to find out if you really are firewalled are not, you should go to and put your port number in and see what it says. Sometimes the tracker lists you as a false positive (firewalled) when you really aren't. However, this has no effect on your bittorrent client since it will continually check for firewalling, but it doesn't tell our tracker what it finds out.

As for the quote, I believe it is something like "you wall-eyed apple-knocking pig sucker!" I was actually quoting freezer who then quoted me saying it in his sig.
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