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Re: downloading/uploading problem

Hi U2Lynne

Once again you are a fount of useful info. And once again a new question pops up. I don't know enough about being "firewalled" to know whether to take it
personally or not
(I'll have to read your material on "firewall" carefully.)
But, a question still remains.

My understanding is that the flag that you are firewalled is the color on your primary data, under "Welcome________"

When I was originally firewalled weeks ago, I had the special color plus, in that same color, "You may be firewalled".

But, I haven't had that color on my primary data for weeks now. I've got the normal color sequence blue/green/black for 5.51 GB/6.82 GB/ 1.24 GB.

So, it seems to me either I'm not firewalled, or the color scheme on primary data is wrong. And of course, it's probably the latter, since being firewalled explains my problems as you've pointed out. (thanks. )

So, then is there something to be done about this small matter (the color/flag for being firewalled) or am I still confused?


P.S. somewhere on some thread I found someone quotes you making a fabulous succinct retort to someone else, "..............pigfucker....!"

Apropos nothing, do you recall the original context for your dandy response?
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