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Re: downloading/uploading problem

Hi again,

Thanks for so much good information. Being so ignorant this simply points to things I have to learn more about, but that is a lot. many thanks.

Once again, we are talking about my difficulties downloading the re-seed of
the Dylan: Born Again Music - 04/20/80 download at

My present status:

I went through the downloaded files and each ones lists its data except one.
Only one file (track 14) appears incomplete.

This would be consistent with utorrent telling me, as it does, that I have downloaded 765 MB out of a complete file of 765 MB, since this column of the bittorrent page rounds to nearest MB so I could be incomplete as much as .5 MB and still the numbers could be the same. So this would allow for the one incomplete file I appear to have.

That leaves the other column of the page which now tells me I'm only at 67.4% complete. (up from the earlier 65.1% the last time I wrote, at which time there were a number of files that appeared to be incomplete). I've looked
at the thread for this reseed and no one has posted there complaining of not being able to finish.

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