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Just like DVD-Videos that are seeded here you could create an .md5 checksum to make sure all the data verifies and that no one has changed it.

DVD-Video can't use 16/44.1 files, they have to be upsampled to 16/48. This loses a little bit of quality and should be avoided. So if you know that a DVD-A circulates of a show that was sourced from 16/44.1 files, and all sources of a show only circulate as 16/44.1, and you see that same show appear in audio only DVD-Video, then you know it was upsampled, unless they did a new transfer of an analog tape, or used a 16/48 DAT > 16/48 .wav files > author audio only DVD-Video, or used master 24 bit files from a 24 bit digital recording.

If you make a menu and graphics and have video clips for a DVD-A then there will be files in both the AUDIO_TS folder and the VIDEO_TS folder. With DVD-A the encryption is much stronger, so a company would much rather release a 24/96 DVD-A than a 24/96 audio only DVD-V.

IMO most DVD authored 24 bit shows should circulate as audio only DVD-Videos (everything in the VIDEO_TS folder) for maximum compatibility, as most people have a DVD-Video player and not a DVD-Audio/Video player. Most 24 bit transfers or recordings are 24/48 or 24/96, so they would be compatible with DVD-Video. For the rare case that you have 24/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/176.4, or 24/192, they have to be done as DVD-A, unless they are resampled.

I don't think TTD allows someone to reauthor a DVD-Video that was already authored with a menu and everything just to add a new menu and graphics. So they might not let someone take a 16/48, 24/48. or 24/96 DVD-A and convert it to audio only DVD-V. Not sure though.

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