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Re: A question about speed correction of lossless files

Originally Posted by uhclem
In foobar2000 you can adjust the pitch and speed of a track in real time as you listen to it. I have used this feature for listening purposes. I would assume that you have to adjust both speed AND pitch if your source was on analog tape.
thanks , uhclem , I missed that feature in foobar.
so far , the source I'd be working with is on my HDD , but if you mean originally the lineage is too unclear and that's the way the seeder recieved the the fileset and info.'s . thanks for the tip , should make things easier for myself , and Five , for the show he's going to be working on
but , yeah , I'd guess I'd have to do both corrections , speed/pitch , though really , the songs don't seem too fast....maybe someone corrected speed at one point and the pitch stayed the same in the digital conversion ?

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