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Re: Help with new speakers; Logitech x530, centre speaker doesn't work

to artood2:

I've used the test wizard which sends a noise through all of the working speakers, the centre one didn't make a noise. I have changed all of the settings in the control panel and the creative software to allow for 5.1 and the sound card is more than capeable of handling 5.1. I have also tried playing stuff made specifically in 5.1 e.g DVD's. Still it's not working. I've also updated all of my drives and the newer creative one didn't help; in fact it just slowed down my computer an awful lot and did nothing useful.

To Virgil Caine: there's no point whingeing about makes of speaker, it makes no difference. All they do, in the end, is vibrate. Also I have a really good set of speakers attached to a stero already and so having better speakers for my computer is just a nolvelty.
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