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DVD Decrypter hang up problems

Does anyone know what the deal is with DVD Decrypter (DVDD)?

I have used it on my current PC system a number of times.

The last time I used it was this a.m.

Later on in the afternoon I wanted to burn an ISO file to DVD; just as I did earlier in the morning without incident.

Now that I want to burn an ISO file to DVD - I open DVDD and it gets hung up searching for SCSI and other terms that are baffling.

I can't open the ISO file to burn to DVD like I did in the a.m.

In fact, I can't close the program right away without it hanging up my whole system for a spell.

To break it I have to reboot the computer - cold reboot. i can't shut it down from the screen - I have to press the on/ff button on the tower to shut it down!

Maybe I should only use DVDD in the a.m. as this seems to be the best time for it?

Any theories on the causes of such looniness other than Haliburton are welcomed.

p.s.: I don't know how long it takes to get over the "initialising disc" message!

i usually close it out because I think it's hanging up.

How long do I have to wait for initialization? 1 hour?

pps: I also have unisntalled/re-installed DVDD thrice today and it still is hanging up.

The initialising disc message is still going for those keeping track of time. (10 min!).

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