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Re: Just curious: DVB radio capture

All FM stations use lossy compression (mp3, mp2, ac3) these days? Just a couple of years ago I recall hearing CDs skip during FM broadcasts occasionally.

You would think for quality purposes they would EAC and FLAC their audio discs, put them on a server and broadcast analog FM from that, with on the fly ac3 compression for digital broadcasts (if they simulcast in digital, like HD FM). But maybe it is easier (less drive space) just to compress them all to ac3 or mp2 and broadcast everything from that.

What would sound better:

1)audio CD > EAC > .wav > high bitrate ac3 > digital broadcast > digital capture w/no lossy reencoding


2)audio CD > DA converter > analog FM broacast with amplitude compression > FM stereo receiver w/good reception > AD converter > .wav > FLAC

Would the redigitization and FM compression make #2 sound worse than #1, even though it is lossless? I guess it all depends what the bitrate of the lossy broadcast is.
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