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Re: downloading/uploading problem

Originally Posted by landesm
Thanks so much Lynne,
but I'm still puzzled a little. In general when I place my cursor on a specific file title, a list of specs come up, including the size of the file. Generally, if the file is incomplete, the size listed is smaller than the size of the complete file, but in this case, I get 765 MB which is the size of the complete file I'm trying to download. So, if file is only at 65% can you think what could cause this error?
There is a setting in many bittorrent clients which allows the application to pre-allocate the whole file size for the files. So, it will *look* like the file is complete in size, but it isn't if you can't run the checksums successfully on them (or if it doesn't say 100% in the bt client).
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