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Re: My torrent was pulled

@Five , you wrote :don't take it personally

webcasts are not allowed on this site


If y o u pulled it, I guess you read all given info within the posting for this
torrent (before it was pulled) ? That may answer your questions.

But it seems you pulled it without reading - seems to be the standard here -
so especially for you FIVE: This was recorded by me, created flacs given
away twice what was wrong, upped on PLG anyway and it was and still is a RADIObroadcast no webcast. If you need anymore info don't hesitate to ask.

BTW, don't take it personally and if you don't understand after reading, ask for clarification. And no, I'm not pi***** in any way and I'm not ironically, I by myself just try to understand after reading everthing I can find to avoid rash decisons. Just my half cent, or even less.

have a nice day
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