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Angry My torrent was pulled

I posted an Amy Winehouse torrent. It was the first one I ever posted on any site. Now I know why. There are so many different rules that have to be followed it is amazing anyone is allowed to post anything. Whatever information I had on the recording I put up..all the original notes from the taper as well. I had non idea a sattellite recording was not allowed and for that I am sorry. If I had known, I never would have put it up.

What irritated me was the fact the original poster chastized me for it when he posted on another site. If this kind of thing presents a problem..why post anything? Because the audio is from a superior source it can't be posted..I really don't understand it. I'm struggling to learn this thing because it is fun and I want to share my collection. I feel like i'm being punished for nothing. And I'm sure a lot of my fellow traders would agree.
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