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new guy question re: DVD burning - "will not fit" error

Hey Gang - I just got a new DVD burner finally.

I have d/l'd a few shows via uTorrent.
I have Windows DVD Maker.
I have Maxell DVD+R.7 GB discs, 16x.
The files for the shows I have downloaded are less than 4.7 GB per disc.

Yet when I add these files (the VTS files that is) to the project for burning I get "WILL NOT FIT". Even though they total less than the 4.7 GB.

What am I doing wrong you think? Any help out there?

Example. Van Halen US Festival -- Disc One = 3.68 GB...I get "will not fit" even when using a 4.7 GB DVD+R.

Thanks to anyone with some ideas.
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