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Re: Why so many duplicate completes?

I noticed the same type of thing on the Frampton's Camel 7/3/73 torrent.

Patrick1963 actually counted them (bless his heart....)....

Originally Posted by patrick1963
Good point. Initially I thought that peteyman54 had a few extras but as I calculated, it got much worse.

Factoring in the 2 for marty harris, 3 for jcb, 5 for Count Ziggenpus, 5 for merkp and a whooping 21 for peteyman54 (wtf?), we have 169 actual snatches.
However if it had said a billion I would have been awfully surprised..... (that would be waaaaay more than "Frampton Comes Alive" ever sold, and I'd be expecting the inevitable silver bootleg to be released from this torrent ASAP...... )
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