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Re: Why so many duplicate completes?

Just a quick reply. There are posts at that may give a reason to what is happening to you. I've experienced it on at least 2 Pink Fliyd torrents on that site. I ended up blocking the following IP ranges in uTorrent: - -

All the bogus completed clients were listed within one of those ranges. Apparently there is some company out there purposefully creating this false data so the original seeder drops off their own torrent, and any leechers are sent bad data. Since many BT clients can react to the latter, I'd say the former is the bigger problem, but I am no admin/moderator/expert, just a guy with access to Google ;-)

Anyway, there are solutions like Peer Guardian 2 (you could search on that, and/or PeerGuardian, at to learn more), which maintains a centralized block list. Or if, like me, you know the IPs or IP ranges you want to block, you can figure out how to do so in your particular client.

I'm just guessing that's what your problem is, but I'd bet at least a 6-pk that it is.

Good Luck!
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