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Re: Sandvine

Originally Posted by Tubular
Sweet. But you still haven't answered the question: will uTorrent/BitTorrent Inc. engineer a client implemented solution to sandvine? Are there any rumors about this? I could see Azureus doing this, but not uTorrent/BitTorrent Inc.
even if either client did address the issue - sandvine would update to counter the change, otherwise their product becomes useless. Comcast is a big customer, so that isnt going to happen. their product blocks torrent clients, and playing cat/mouse is not a logical solution (imo).

If you want an ISP telling you how to use/enjoy your Internet experience - stay with Comcast.

The only real solution is to switch providers, which may not be easy/available for some people.

- that dude slammed ya Tube...guess he wants to see more IMO statements in your posts
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