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Re: Which external sound card to get?

all right, i just did a quick search, and with the right firmware revision (which you can install yourself), the Nomad Jukebox 3 is bit-accuate. as i said, it has a Firewire port and a USB port (although the USB port is v1.1, which is the older/slower USB version, but that is sufficient for 16-bit/48kHz DAT transfers), and it has the optical input. so basically, your setup could easily be as follows:

DAT deck (home) > optical cable > jukebox 3 > firewire/usb > hard drive


DAT deck (portable) > 7pin-to-optical > jukebox 3 > firewire/usb > hard drive

really, for the price, i'd just go with that setup... it will serve your purpose (external soundcard), is bit-accurate, and is well within your price range (you can easily grab it for less than $200 off ebay, or check out the Yard Sale board at

and you can use it to tape shows as well, if you're so inclined to make that transition. plus, you've then got a 20-40GB portable hard drive... i'm not 100% positive on this, but you might actually be able to go DAT > optical > jukebox 3 (and just record it onto the jukebox 3's own hard drive)... then quickly send it to either/both of your computers via Firewire.
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