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Re: What software will compliment an Edirol R-09?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
Sonar is a good proggy, but you don't need high-end envelopes/filters/EQ/etc for live recordings, so pro-level software is a bit overkill...honestly, yer never gonna need to do much more than boost/lower the dB, correct the DC offset, and add fades...

since CEP will work fine, as will Audacity [freeware] or any of the progs mentioned for "repairing" the clipped parts, were they clipped before you did the 3dB boost, or only after? either way, i would adjust each one individually like you said...

the sample sounds pretty good, never heard the band before -- def liked what i heard...any chance of me getting a copy when yer done?
I will be selling it on ebay to the highest bidder

If you have forgotten who I am, I am the great unhoarder, it will be on ttd asap... In both 24 bit and 16 bit. I may be getting the band to go open taping too. The clipping was before i did the 3 db boost because the sound guy upped the sound partway through the show, and again for the next to the last song. At my speakers here it sounds like it needs eqed because of excessively high bass, but on my car speakers, my stereo, and two different sets of headphones it sounds fine. What do you think?
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