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Re: Best DVD-Authoring Software?

to create a true 5.1 audio option, you would need to record the actual event using either a surround mic or an array of mics configured for 5.1 mixing...taking a 2-channel recording and copying them to 2 rear channels isn't "surround" -- kinda pointless honestly

also, a DVD authoring program is for authoring DVDs, and in no way deals with mixing audio or video for that create 5.1 mixes, you'll need a multitrack audio proggy that is capable of mixing in 5.1...i believe Cakewalk/Sonar can, and i'm sure there's others [i don't know much about the current products available on the PC-platform]

once properly mixed/mastered in 5.1, you can then import the final audio _ video into yer authoring prog and begin building for other high-quality authoring progs that are currently being developed/supported, you can look also into Sony's Vegas+DVD production suite or Adobe Encore
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