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Hey I need someone to sync better audio to 4 Rage Against the Machine DVDs for a reward

I have 4 Rage Against the Machine shows that have separate audio sources that are better quality, and I need someone to sync the better sound to the DVD. Must be someone who has done this before successfully. 3 audio sources are FLAC and one is 256 kbps mp3.

As a reward, I'll send you 3 Rage DVDs, should you choose to accept this mission. I have a lot to choose from, so if you're a Rage fan who's good at this stuff, here's a great opportunity to get 6-7 DVDs.

The shows in question are:
Denver, CO 11-24-99 (it surfaced on dimeadozen but I have a lower-gen version so I'm not downloading it)
San Jose 9-4-96 (has cuts in video but not in audio)
Lowlands Festival 8-29-93 (both audio and video have cuts, but it's not too much of a pain because the show is only 4 songs long)
Electric Factory 8-13-96 (audio is mp3 and has cuts because that's all I can find, at least for now. Someone here at TTD knows the guy who taped that show so I PMed him about it. The last song is missing)

If you're interested, PM me and I'll mail the shows out Saturday.
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