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Re: Best DVD-Authoring Software?

Originally Posted by pawel
OK then place a text or a graphic chapter link over a video background. I can't believe that such crap can be produced by soft priced at $300 and named "PRO". Links are bit jaggy even on static menus if compared to these rendered by Maestro or TDA.
i was not trying to start a fight. dvdlab is by far the easiest (and has a good set of features) and does not reencode the video like dvd architect does. i always use dvdlab pro for when i do dvds. it is only a menu, so who cares? i hate making menus. nowhere does it say that he wants to make hollywood quality menus. what this person wants is not really a dvd authoring program but rather a video editor. vegas does the job rather nicely but will inflate the video for no reason.
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