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Re: Azureus, RSS Importer & The Trader's Den

I installed the RSS Feed Scanner (version 1.2.1) and set a filter on something from the last 15 most recent torrents submitted in ABT (Yes - the RSS feed looks for the 15 most recent ones) and I got a hit. However, and I got the following error:

RSSFeed: showInfo for Yes 1977-09-26 Long Beach Arena (FLAC) - Forum: Audio Bit Torrent Downloads
[15:58:21] Posted By: hirsute
[15:58:21] Post Time: 02-07-05 at 05:05 AM
[15:58:21] - Fail - Html content returned, but no links to .torrent files found.

If you look at the .torrent files in our pages, they are actually attachment files, not .torrent files. And, I have a feeling even if we were to get passed that problem, the next one would be that you need to be logged in in order to download the .torrent file and I don't see a place in the Azurues plugin for you to fill in any login information (although you may pass cookies, however I'm not sure what you are supposed to put in that text box there).
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