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Re: Please Don't Yell, PAL to NTSC

First thing you might want to do is google your dvd player and see if there is a hack available. These are usually just a number code that you put in through the remote control.

You can convert them a number of ways. You can use dvdshrink with the compression off. You can use nero 7, but that re-authors the whole video

Here's another method....someone else originally posted this and I saved it:

You can use a program called IFOEdit to sort of trick your DVD player into playing PAL DVDs, and it is VERY, VERY easy to do.

Using IFOEdit, open .IFO files. The program will have two windows of information. In the bottom window there will be lots of lines of text. Look for the lines (there will be 1 or 2 or more depending upon which IFO file you are looking at) of text containing the word "PAL." Double click those lines. A dialog box will open. There is a button to select PAL or NTSC. Select NTSC. Save the file. It will ask if you want to change the .BUP files as well. Answer "Yes." You're done. Burn away.

This is not a true conversion (PAL to NTSC) but changing the info files like this will trick many DVD players into believing this is an NTSC recording. I have heard it will not work on all DVD players but it works great on mine. No problems whatsoever. It does nothing to alter the actual video files, so there is no deterioration of the quality. It is my understanding that many (most?) newer DVD players are capable of playing both NTSC and PAL though they are not sold that way (perhaps because of pressure from the movie industry because it helps make it easier for them to maintain its region encoding system -- just a guess).

The worst thing that could happen is that it wouldn't work on your player and you'd have wasted $.50 cents on a DVD+R. Back up every file in the "VIDEO_TS" folder that is not a video (VOB) file and if this doesn't work for you you can restore the folder to it's original state (this is also a good idea in case you ever wish to trade the show or reseed it, etc.).

IFOEdit is free, and available here:

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