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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

Grrr.... data from the first track of my AC/DC torrent -

16-bit CDR ripped to .wav with EAC gives a .wav file of 56,786 KB, and thru TLH, I get a .flac file of 38,375 KB

24-bit CD24, .aif file of 55.4 MB, imported to audacity with all settings that I can find to 96kHz, 24-bit, then exported as .wav gives a .wav file of 85,234 KB, so looks as though we're still in 96kHz, 24-bit to this point.

(Note; I may have omitted the 24-bit settings when I did the VdG torrent - so we should probably assume that's why that one's still 16-bit)

However, the .flac file from putting this .wav through FLAC Frontend is 39,770 KB - almost the same as the 16-bit file from TLH - so it looks as though FLAC Frontend is the culprit

I'm using FLAC Frontend v. 1.7.1 - I can't find any options that allow me to specify the output file format.....

So, essentially, I'm still looking for a method to generate a 24-bit .flac from a 24-bit .wav...............

Apologies to all those who've picked up the 24-bit torrents, it appears that they're plain ol' 16-bit after all....... sorry. Will upload the genuine article once these tech issues are resolved.

Regards, Graham
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