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Re: Problem w Upload

Many thanks to both of you, experience matters! For me this creating-a-new-closed loop-to-close-the-old-closed loop-thing seems a bit ....unusual, anyhow it worked out fine (almost) and I will not ask more.

Just a remark (equivalent to at least 298 new gray hair, maybe more I did not finish counting yet): "- Double-click it. Azureus will ask where to save the files." In fact, when doubleclicking, Azureus tracks the data without asking directly into the default Azureus download path/folder (not necessarely the one I stored the upload in). I found only one way to manage: manually by clicking "Open Torrents" and then browse to the folder.

Thinking back, it possibly happened the same thing when following the dialog box "YOUR SHOW WAS SUCCESSFULLY UPLOADED
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Next time I should try to use the same path for upload/download.

I took enough of your time now, again, Thank you.
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