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Re: Problem w Upload

Originally Posted by GOGOOGO
How do I download the torrent from the first post in the thread (if its the folder), by creating a new torrent with the wizard?
I could not do this without deleting the earlier xyz.torrent file but the data folder is still in place.
What happens to the already posted thread?
"How do I [i]download ..."

When you uploaded the torrent file, and created the new thread for your torrent, you should have got a dialog box at the top of the thread reading ;

This tracker is in members only mode.
You must download your personalized torrent before you may begin seeding.
Click HERE to get your personalized torrent."

At this point, click HERE


Navigate away from this page, come back to 'Audio Torrents', open the thread created by you (which should be at the top of the audio torrents, since you just created it, and scroll down to the foot of the first post (yours) - there's a line just after the fingerprint text which has the torrent filename (in blue) - click this once, and you'll be prompted to save this
file to your PC. Save it to the location where you created the torrent file that you uploaded, and REPLACE THE ORIGINAL TORRENT FILE with the one you're saving from the thread. You're not changing the data folder at all, just the torrent file.

Then go to Azureus, and Open this new torrent file that you just downloaded.

Azureus makes sure all the files in your torrent data folder still correspond to the torrent file you just opened, then opens the torrent for seeding.

Does this help? (I assumed it was an audio torrent - go to 'video torrents' if this isn't the case!)

Regards, Graham

(Lynne, I'm just saying what you said in a different way; which is sometimes of help to a newbie )
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